Blue Cross Training Center facilitates training throughout the year

Blue Cross of Hyderabad went through a transformation process in its 25th year of service. The prime focus of the organization shifted to spread animal welfare awareness and training along with stray animal birth control, to reduce animal suffering exponentially.

Regular training programs are conducted by qualified and certified veterinary doctors.  Appreciated and sought after by Vets, students, animal welfare groups and volunteers from across the Telugu speaking states, the Training Centre is a value addition to our services.


Training is scheduled for interested volunteers in the following areas:

Training for veterinary doctors in spay & neuter surgery was conducted from April to July 2016, as a special initiative of A.W.B.I.  Hosted by Blue Cross of Hyderabad and partnered with government of Andhra Pradesh in association with Humane Society International-India, it was specially organized to train Veterinary Doctors in Animal Birth Control Surgery techniques for dogs, as per Animal Welfare Board of India Standard Operating Procedures.

More than 100 veterinary doctors became proficient in every aspect* of the ABC program

*catching, kennel management, anesthesia, preparation for surgery, surgery as well as post operative treatment

Certificates and surgery kits were presented to each participant in the presence of Dr. A.D. Murlidhar (AP Govt.), Swami S.B.Das (State Animal Welfare Board VP), Amala Akkineni, Ms. Meitim Connolly (Blue Cross of Hyderabad) and Mr. Manmohan Singh (AP Special Chief Secretary).

All the doctors appreciated the training, the learning’s and were grateful for the efforts which they believed had moved them 20 years forward in animal welfare. Thousands of animals in the districts would now be beneficiaries of the efforts.

The training was an excellent synergy between Blue Cross of Hyderabad as facilitators, Government of Andhra Pradesh as sponsor and Humane Society International-India providing the certified trainers. Vets qualified in the spay/neuter training left completely prepared to take the State district facilities 20 years into the future of animal welfare.

Blue Cross is currently in the process of supporting the Government of Telangana , Municipal Administration, to train the 78 Municipalities in the state for ABC/ARV programme.