Blue Cross of Hyderabad runs a community sponsored veterinary clinic for stray animals as well as domestic pets.

Volunteers bringing rescued animals for treatment must come ONLY between 9am-12pm

Services provided by the Community Clinic

Critical Care for Injured Animals

Blue Cross of Hyderabad serves clearly demarcated areas for critical care, as it does not have space or capacity to service more than a 15km radius, for West Zone and Central Zones of GHMC. 

The limited shelter has only few kennels for injured animals. All other staff and facilities are dedicated to Animal Birth Control for reducing stray animal population.

Volunteers are taught first aid to help animals in need.

  • The animal needs to have a prognosis that clearly sees benefit of treatment and recovery within 6-7 days.
  • Have a volunteer or foster care family willing to keep an eye on it when released after 7 days to give follow up first-aid.
  • A kennel / space needs to be empty and available to admit the animal.
  • Respect working hours.

Note: People forcing the organisation or its staff to take animals that do not fit into this criteria will be recorded on our CCTV cameras and reported to the authorities.

Dogs which are paralysed, have canine distemper, flat condition, or nervine symptoms are not taken, keeping in mind the rapid spread of disease and the late and untreatable stage. Since most of the facility is now post-operative care, admitting animals with infectious diseases into the facility is a threat to the safety and well-being of other animals.

There are 17 Government run Veterinary Hospitals and Animal facilities across the city including 5 GHMC animal shelters dedicated to stray dogs and reducing their numbers.

You may take the animal to one of them and seek help.

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